Mission Advancement Success Tips: Honoring donors during covid-19

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Interested in learning some tips on how to honor donors when living in a world with social distancing? Check out the video below and download our Webinar Slides: Honoring Your Donors During COVID-19 to learn more.

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Mission Advancement Success Tips: Fundraising during covid-19

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You've likely updated many of your organization's communications, but here is one you may have overlooked. Chuck Anderson shares his #1 crisis communication tip. For additional fundraising best practices during COVID-19, watch the video below and visit our resources page to learn more.

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Mid-Level Strategy

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As a career consultant who has worked with countless nonprofits, I spend most of my time focusing on the top of each client’s donor portfolio – the largest gifts. Helping a development staff, Board and executive leadership establish a sound, relationship-based principal gifts strategy provides the greatest short-term gain, as well as long-term revenue retention. But where does long-term growth come from? The answer or "secret sauce" to a thriving and growing development operation is a strategic mid-level donor strategy.

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Managing a Major Gifts Portfolio: It’s About People, Not Process!

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The very term "major gifts" is intimidating to many. What does it mean? Who are these so-called major donors? These are the questions asked every day by organizations that haven't yet ventured into a relational model of fundraising.

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